Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Adventures of Marie Guzman

Follow One Of Baba's Yaga's Guests...if you dare! In
The Hunt for the Main de Glorie

Baba Yaga's House is at the end of a road that isn't really there.

Baba's House finds you, when it wants you and if you're very lucky (as I have not been in my life) it won't want you for long.

I went to Baba's House because she stole my heart, she stole my dreams and she locked them inside of a crude little doll with a small strand of my graying hair sewn into it's chest.

We've been friends ever since.

Me and Baba...not the doll. I hate the doll, sometimes for no reason at all it starts to laugh and laugh and then it sings and that can go on for days. I use to hide it in drawers and in my attic and once I even climbed my cherry tree and tied it to one of the top branches.

It didn't work.

So I just leave it above my fireplace and when I'm not accidentally knocking it near the open flames or letting my cat play with it I'm able to ignore it when it starts to go insane.

Back to Baba, we have an understanding now and sometimes I go down that weird little road that appears out of nowhere...I can be on my way to the store, walking down the hall in m house to my bathroom and there it is...

The road to Baba Yaga's House

I don't talk much to Baba's guests, they're under some sort of weird enchantment and they drink tea from broken cups and eat food that if you ask me deserves a chance to run and be free like the rest of us.

I think Baba enjoys watching her guests devour food that's either too dead or not dead enough.

Well, Baba's sense of humor and her agenda are her own.

I have my own.

Right now, I want to know who stole my Main de Glorie.

I want it back because it’s mine.

You’d never believe what I went through to get it…to earn it.

She was waiting for me on the top of the steps in her basement which is as far as I will go into Baba's sense in tempting the old witch, I escaped her once. I won't be as foolish as to think I could pull a stunt like that on any sort of regular basis.

" You're wasting your time here Marie " she told me from the top of the stairs " but you know that. You know who stole your Main de Glorie. After all, how many of his Couriers heads did you take and stake on the road to his Crypts? Seven...Eight? "

" It was 10 ...Count them Baba Yaga it was 10. And you couldn't stop even one of them from finding this road whenever they felt like it...I nailed 10. "

" And I'm grateful..."

I snorted and went ahead and laughed out loud.

" I need to find the road they took...and I need your help and don't double deal me Baba you owe me for each of those heads. This is for the first. Show me the road. "

" And if I don't? "

" All I need is the hand from a hanged man and all things being equal nowadays it can be a hanged woman and all they have to be besides strung up is guilty of murder. Tell me Baba how many bodies have you created in your long, long life? "

I heard her shuffle her feet and try to make her way down the steps to the basement and my neck then I heard her stop...where do you think some of those bodies she created are my Dear Readers? I was down in Baba's Private Cemetery and don't think the Hand I could take down here wouldn't be powerful...very powerful.

She'd never dare to come down here and stand next to me and don't think I haven't lost sleep trying to figure out how to get her to do just that.

" While you're down there de Guzman look to the Corner, the east Corner of the basement. The shovel is hanging on the wall. You're looking for a man with his eyes and mouth sewn shut. Take his heart you're going to need it. "

Baba buried the Silent Man deep.

I guess it was her conscious, black as it must be, at work because he wasn't six feet under he was almost 12 feet under and he was covered with rocks.

Talk about overkill.

I found him and cracked his chest open with one of Baba's many gardening tools she keeps for such purposes and carefully wrapped his heart in a white linen cloth.

Then I walked out of the Basement and into the back room of my Sister's funeral home in Leaning Birches and when I passed her in the halls she saw what I was carrying and she rolled her eyes up and walked the other way.

And then I got to work.

Stay tuned for the further Adventures of Marie Guzman!


At 2:03 AM, Blogger le Enchanteur said...

bella! magnifico! too wickedly cool! In other words, I love it Anita Marie. Two hands clapping.

At 5:19 PM, Blogger Lois said...

Good God another horrific tale Anita when will it all end.....
Why am I attracted to females as my best friends when they have goulish and wicked senses and a love of the macabre.....
One who lives around the corner from me..My friend Angela is also into all this STUFF...films,books exhibitions drawings etc....then on the other hand she loves animals, gardens beautiful paintings glorious jewellery etc etc but this other side of her....I worry...I have stopped going to these films of horror and science fiction with
her...She will say "Wasn't it great Lois" I have often said
"Angie is is a lot of SH...T."
Then there is Heather ,lover of animals gardens art and of course Darryl ...but this love of horror side of her, where this comes from I don't dare think about. Although I did see her going off to school dressed in a way most other school teachers would look at and say"Did you see her"...but the kids loved her for it...Mrs Blakey was sure different ( she was COOL was the word) as they would tell their parents I'm sure..
Anita I rest my case..

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 8-11-05


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