Sunday, October 09, 2005

Baba - Goddess of the Month

This morning, before rejoining the journey after an absence of too many days, I turned my Sage Woman: A Year on the Goddess Path calendar to October and wonders of wonders, the featured Goddess of the Month turned out to be Baba Yaga. I couldn't believe it … here I was getting ready to make my way into Her realm and here She is showing up in my real life hide-away in Apache Junction, Arizona. Is this a message? I like to believe that it is, though what it is I don't know.

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The message of the month begins with a prayer to Baba Yaga:
Blessed Baba Yaga
Help me grow old
With wisdom,
Power, and veneration.

The rest of the message of the month reads as follows:

The Russian Crone Goddess, Baba Yaga, is the archetype of a witch flying through the air in her magical mortar and pestle. She is the one who stirs things up, keeps the adventure moving forward, and presents challenges along the spiritual path. Remember the tales of the witch deep in the forest, whose cottage should be approached with great caution? Baba Yaga dwells there and she wants to teach you about setting boundaries, about listening to your intuition about what is and what is not safe, and about respect for elder wisdom. As the wild autumn moon rides high in the tempestuous skies, watch for Baba Yaga and feel your own wild magic answer her call.

Courtesy: 2004 Amber Lotus Publishing
2004 Sage Woman

Quite a coincidence, don't you think, my returning from a trip to Minnesota to find Baba Yaga waiting for me to turn the page of my calendar?



At 5:34 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

That's startling! I love the timeliness of this. From that look on her face anything could happen, gorgeous cloak.


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