Monday, August 15, 2005

My doll

I checked the contents of my bag. Mysteriously, all the stuff I had given away had returned. There was the unicorn medallion – I hoped it would mean I would meet the White Lady again. My wings, so tiny, yet so magically able to hold me up – and the anchor, minus its chain. I wondered if the tiny fishermen had found their own anchor and was grateful they had been thoughtful enough to return mine. There was also a special gift for me – a beautiful embroidered green jacket to wear on my journey. The label said `Enchantress’ and I smiled.
My guide this time was a doll. She introduced herself as Mei Ling and apologized for her head being loose.
``In my time,” she said sweetly, ``I have been with many children.”
So off to Baba Yaga's house we go...


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