Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Balalaika. Pt 4

Chrissie would have been whistling as she crossed the Harbour Bridge but a red light camera had flashed as she sped down the Highway. Fancy Damien asking to be dropped at the Library!
She was anticipating an hour or two to herself on Bondi Beach after dropping Steph at the Babalaika lesson. Balalaika! Now there was a new an unexpected twist. Although Hilary had asked Chrissie to try and get Steph to stop wearing her sox at half mast while she was away. Chrissie sighed and lit another cigarette.

She dropped Damien at the library, rewarding him with a Chuppa Chup for his diligence. Maybe he would stop spending so much time up that tree. Another of the formidable Hilary's admonitions as she left. The poor dog was looking a bit harassed too of late. And wet! A frown momentarily crossed her brow.It had taken a bit of diligence on her own part to find a balalaika teacher. They were thin on the ground and non existent in Avalon. Hilary had even wondered as to whether the Sydney Symphony had any need of babalaika players. Steph was struggling not to feel ill as she tried to read the road map and the car leaned into the corners.

Free at last of her charges, Chrissie dug her toes into the sand and stretched, relishing the sun on herback. It was only then that she pulled out the book Steph had thrust into her hands as she got out of the car. She was not sure whether to laugh or cry or just groan in anticipation of the title " Russian Cooking". This was going too far! Not the Russian. The "cooking"!> On the cover was pictured an old russian babushka gazing fondly at a frothy concoction that revealed itself to be a charlotte malakoff. Stephanie hadn't stopped talking about the wonderful and exotic meals she had had at Olga's place, and now she wanted a party! Wil ALL her classmates. Half of whom didn't even speak English. Just how much was a nanny expected to do!

Well, the parents were overseas. Again. Chrissie stared at the cake and flicked over to the recipe. Party balloons started to dance over her head.


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