Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Spinning Stories

I have just returned after a few lessons in Spindling ...I was fine in the Weaving and an expert in the Spinning ,but needed to learn the art of Spindling....It was fascinating ... I found this tiny little hobbit like woman living on a small farm not far from the Hermitage.. The stable hands told me of her, so off I went in search of a good teacher, one who has lots of patience as I am a learner by the ROTE method as Madame will tell you.

I tapped on the door of the old farmhouse and noticed the handle was very low down on the front entrance and when it opened, I knew why.... She was about 2ft tall and as I am only 4'11" myself ,it was the only time I felt I was able to seem normal..........

Her voice did not match her height, she bellowed "Don't stand there girly come in" she said....When one is short a louder than usual voice is a must I find....."I'm Lois I said (The Muse of the Sea) " Oh you come with a title do you" I felt foolish , why did she need to know what I called myself I thought.

"They call me Henny the Hobbit" she said... .I knew why as I was often called Short and a friend calls me Low Low... .nice friend.

We exchanged pleasantries and as her time was precious (She had other appointments that day with, Leonie, Gail, Anita, Karen etc etc) we got down to the lesson at hand... Spindling....

Very different to weaving and spinning ,much more difficult..."Its all in the rhythm" said Henny....."Here sit by the fire ,and lets get at it"

Well after an hour and a half I was still not in the rhythm and Henny was getting a little on edge"Yep you are a slow learner all right" she said.

I assured that once I got a grasp of something I usually did it well, and I am a stayer .I don't think she believed me one bit....

I was given a spindle and some gold and silver thread and was sent on my way, back to the Hermitage and practice for at least 2 hours morning and night she said. Henny and I said our farewells.......... I may have been her one and only failure I thought as I walked with low shoulders and bowed head on the path home.

BUT... practice I did all that morning , quick break for lunch then back to the spindle for another few hours before afternoon tea ... As I practiced I thought of those wonderful tapestries depicting history in lands I had not visited and how they were woven by women of the village or others who had been spirited away from their homelands ,never to return....... I had a thought ..
Why don't I try and weave a tapestry on a loom telling the story of these wonderful village women whose talents are still seen today in museums and famous galleries all around the world .... I perhaps could record some of their life with the hope of leaving a tale depicting their wonderful craft... Not of war and deeds by men in battle... but of women who were not only weavers and spinners but Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Carers, Friends .. They worked in industries to record history as well as the role they played in looking after their families.

They were the heroines of these times, going unrecognised, as only the men in battle held that claim in history....I would make a small attempt to right this wrong ....I will weave THEIR STORY......

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 23.8.05


At 2:17 AM, Blogger Imogen Crest said...

I can imagine these stories coming from you, Lois, and you would do justice to the unsung heroines, give them the voices they need.

At 2:22 AM, Blogger Gail Kavanagh said...

what a wonderful idea, Lois, you will weave these stories so well.

At 1:28 AM, Blogger Leonie Bryant said...

Lois, I love this story so beautifully expressed. What a wonderful idea to pay tribute and give recognition to the wonderful gifts of women which we all share.


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